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"Share the profits of the
company with the community.
In accordance with the business philosophy of the founder,
Yeoncha Park, Taekwang is sharing its capital gains to reach out to
the community in an effort to serve the corporate social responsibility.
In Korea, we support many social programs in the fields of social welfare, culture, sports, and many others, including
company scholarships and establishment of elderly welfare facilities. Such efforts have supported Taekwang to receive
much recognition from the Community in extending how much Taekwang values corporate Social responsibility.
In Vietnam and China, two main off shore manufacturing sites, we have Also implemented same approach in
valuing corporate social responsibilities activities as we built schools, kindergartens, sports centers, as well as supports for cultural projects.

In addition, the company has been active in providing supports to the victims of natural disasters or other members of communities who are in need. Due to our successful and desirable location achievements, the company has been selected as an appraised FDI
company in numerous occasions.

Our social responsibilities
Jeongsan Scholarship Foundation
Founded in 1999, the foundation was established with one core idea of educating and training local students to
prepare them as an engineer, which is in line with founder Yeoncha Park's philosophy that the future of Korea
lies in technology. With such purpose, the foundation focused on identifying and developing brilliant young
minds in engineering and science in Gyoungnam region. The fund, which started as USD 450,000, has now
swelled up to USD 7.3 mn as of 2009. Some additional investment into the scholarship fund further increased the
available financial assets for the scholarship to USD 9,100,000. Now, the scholarship is offered to students not
only from Gyoungnam region but also other parts of the country. So far, 777 students received a total of
USD 1.5mn in scholarship.
Supporting the Community
The company provided the national wrestling team who participated in 2008 Beijing Olympics with an
encouragement grant of KRW USD 30,000. In 2002, the company also played a crucial role as one of the supporters
of the Vietnam national teams during Busan Asian Games, in addition to the previous supports provided to the
wrestling players of Vietnam to help them train in Korea. These are only a few examples of Taegwang's efforts to
support the culture and sports in addition to the progress of the local community.

The company has been sponsoring various marathon events or other sports activities, spending more than
USD 400,000. In order to help the baseball team of Gimhae high school, the company donated a fund of
USD 250,000. The team was the first every baseball team organized in the city of Gimhae, which had previously
been regarded as a barren ground for baseball. The baseball team of Gimhae High School repaid its debts by going
to the semi-finals in the national tournament only in 1 year since its foundation.

Taekwang also invested in the staging of a musical titled 'Miss Saigon,' against the advice of many that such cultural
events fail without exception in small cities of Korea. The event, though, became a milestone of the history of
cultural development of the community.

Nonetheless, the show was a success, and the gains USD, 45,000, was donated to Vietnamese government in order
to help the widows of Vietnam war, in which the musical was set.
Taegwang Vina, which started its operation in Vietnam in 1994, had a symbolic importance as one of the first
generation FIDs that led the economic development of Vietnam. It was also nominated as the second largest
exporter of the country. Especially, according to a survey conducted by a delegation of UNDP in 2007, Taegwang
Vina ranked 18th out of a total of 130,000 companies in the country, making it a model success story of FIDs.
As of 2010, Taegwang Vina is actively engaged in various social responsibility activities, investing as much as
2 billion won.
It donated 220,000 dollars to build Anvin Kindergarten, with a two-floor facility of 5,000m2. Here, it helped
educating 400 children who will, one day, lead the nation. The company has been actively engaged in other social
responsibility activities, as well, donating USD 100,000 worth fitness gears and equipment to the local juvenile
sports center, holding a festival for senior citizens, producing the concert by the Municipal Choir of Korea in Hochiminh, and donating bicycles to the children from families in need.
In addition, the company has been operating various welfare policies and medical services in order to enhance the
quality of life in the community. Many a number of cultural and sports activities have been held in cooperation with
the local TV stations, as well, as an effort to harmonize with the community. We have also been sharing the grief of
the community, by donating to help the victims of floods or the widows of the war.
Especially, the head of the local incorporation visited the families of the Vietnamese bridge who suffered a traffic
event in Korea to show his condolence and provided a support fund of 20,000 dollars to help the surviving
family members.
The founder, Mr. Yeoncha park, has endeavors significantly for the friendship between the two countries and has
taken the office of the Honorary Consul since 2000. His outstanding contributions include his assistance in
establishing a direct flight between Hochiminh and Busan, as well as many other economical and cultural
interactions between the two countries.
In recognition of his contributions, the Vietnamese government awarded him with a 'Vietnamese Medal of

Jeongsan Scholarship Foundation
Jeongsan Scholarship Foundation
Jeongsan Scholarship Foundation was established in December 1999, as a part of our social responsibilities initiatives. Especially, the foundation focused its efforts on identifying and developing talented scientific minds who will lay the foundation of the progress of the country and the community. Starting with the initial investment of
USD 500,000, the foundation has been providing may young students of scientific majors in the region. Out continuous financial contribution over a decade to the fund of the foundation increased the volume of the fund available for scholarship to USD 10,000,000. Since 2010, the foundation started to provide scholarships to students
from other parts of the nation as well. As of 2012, a total of 1,065 students have received a total of USD 2,000,000 in scholarship