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Taekwang Industrial Co., Ltd
Founded as Jeongil Industry in 1971, the company has been in the shoes
manufacturing for 40 years with state of the art Research and Development
Center. With its technical supremacy in the industry,
Taekwang Industrial Co., Ltd had transformed into the class leading
manufacturing company in the world, becoming one of main partner for

After opening Jeongsan CC in 2005 and acquiring Hu-chems, a precision
chemical company, as a new member of the group, Taegwang launched its Namdin Thermal Power Plan project in Vietnam through one of its affiliate
companies, Taegwang Power Holdings. To become a top-class company of 21st century, Taegwang Industrial is marching toward its place of glory as
the leader of the industry.
Foundation : October 30, 1971
Location : Andong, Gimhae-si, Gyoung-nam
Area : Site – 11,103 Py (33,432m2) / Building – 14,364 Py (47,485 m2)
Business : Development of shoes / manufacturing / molds, etc.
No. of employees : 600
Sales : USD 0.85 billion (total shoe business revenue)

Taekwang Vina Industrial Co., Ltd
Founded in 1994, Taegwang Vina was established with a facility area of
6,300 py in Vienhwa, Dongnai, Hochiminh, Vietnam. It also opened a
second factory in 2008 and a development center in 2009, which gave it
the capability to develop and manufacture at the same time.
The company now operates 24 lines with 25,000 employees. The number of
shoes produced by the company is around 12 million per year. In addition to
the company's contribution to the economy of Vietnam, Taegwang Vina is
active in performing its social responsibilities, as a model of successful
localization. With such success, Taekwang Vina received two awards as an
Excellent FDI company in the country.
Foundation : July 13, 1994
Location : Vienhwa, Dongnai, Vietnam
Area : Site – 106,195Py (351,057m2) / Building – 49,446 Py(163,458m2)
FDI amount : 199,700,000 dollars
No. of employees : 28,000
Revenue : 0.42 billion dollars

Hu-Chems, which became a member company of the group in 2006, is a
specialized precision chemical materials company. Under the motto of 'a
company that seeks for the prosperity and happiness of the man-kind,' the
company runs a facility of 110,000py in Yeosu National Industrial Area,
where it produces nitric acid, acetic acid, DNT, and MNB, with an annual
production capacity of 1.1 million tons. Based on its firm position in the
precision chemicals market, it expanded it business territory to polyurethane materials as a part of its diversification efforts. With its entry to the CDM
industry, it also leads the market of carbon emission trade in Korea. As the
company prepares for an expansion to emerging markets such as Vietnam,
it is firmly set to become a global chemicals company.
Foundation : October 30, 1971
Location : Andong, Gimhae-si, Gyoungnam
Area : Site – 11,103Py (33,432m2) / Building – 14,364 Py(47,485m2)
No. of employees : 600
Revenue : 0.85 billion (total shoe business revenue)

Jeongsan Country Club
Located in Jocheon-myeon, Gimhae-si, Gyoungnam, Jeongsan Country Club
is an orthodox private golf club with 27 holes and 350 members. The club
first opened in 2005.
With the subtle amusement of the strategic excitement and the beauty of
the nature, this traditional Scottish landscape golf course is now receiving
its excellence in design and management amongst golfers. The club house
of European style shows a splendid design as well as top-class amenities and views. The club was nominated as one of the 'Best New Courses in 2008/2009> and earned its place as a classic golf course in spite its short history.
Foundation : October 30, 2005
Location : Deokam-ri, Joocheon-myeon, Gimhae-si, Gyoungnam
Area : approx. 0.46 million Py (1,541,206m2)
Business : A private golf club for 350 members only
Jeongsan Vina : Opened on Daipoc Island, Vietnam, in July 2012 (18 holes)

Aerogel Korea
Foundation : December 23, 2003
Location : Namsan Square, Choongmo-ro, Joong-gu, Seoul
Business : The exclusive sales agency of Aspen Aerogel, the only company that
  commercialized aerogel (a high-tech new material for heat insulation)
Revenue : 7 billion won
Key customers : Cheil Industries, GS Caltex, Green Cross, Samsung Petrochemical,
  Honam Petrochemical

Jeongsan International
Foundation : March 22, 1967
Location : 11, Noksansandan 382-ro-49-gil, Gangseo-gu, Busan
Area : Site – 12,566Py (77,906m2) / Building – 19,980 Py(66,051m2)
Business : Synthetic fabric / synthetic leather / car seats, etc.
No. of employees : 800
Revenue : 260 billion won