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Welcome to Taekwang Power Holdings Co., Ltd.
As the CEO of Taekwang Power Holdings,
I am very pleased to meet you.
Taekwang Power Holdings, a Taekwang Group company, was established in 2008 with an attempt to participate in a power plant
development initially in Vietnam. Taekwang Group has expanded its business portfolio starting from shoe-making into
petrochemical, real estate and now grown to become a power plant project developer/operator. Taekwang Group continues to
increase the capital investment in the Southeast Asian region including Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. Power plant
investment will also grow significantly over the next decades. Starting from Nam Dinh coal fired station, Taekwang is now
adding another chapter to its history to become a global IPP development company.
At Taekwang Power Holdings, in addition to a developer role, we endeavor to be an ultimate leader of the international energy
market with our expert man-power, providing various services such as operation, maintenance and related services. Each project
we initiate receives the full focus and dedication of our professional team. By seeking unsolicited and challenging projects,
Taekwang Power Holdings capitalizes on the innovative, flexible and persistent approach in development. We maintain close
relationships with potential equity partners, private equity firms, mezzanine providers as well as consultants and contractors to
make the projects bankable and profitable.
In the days to come, we will continue to grow relationships with our host countries. We believe our creative solutions in project
structuring will be a key driver of our future growth. At Taekwang, we view sustainability as intrinsic to everything we do. It's an
important factor in the decisions we make, the projects we pursue and the way we operate our business. We take pride in our
vision and our commitment to continue delivering sustainable value, well into the future.